Bang Crunch

Once upon a time this was actually a blog that talked about books. Imagine that. I've been very, very lazy and busy and I'm behind. Not as behind as I should be because I haven't been reading nearly as much. But I have books that I read in Montreal at the beginning of May that I haven't blogged about yet! That's just scandalous! And um...I've packed most of my books so this is gonna be a bit hard.

Ok...Bang Crunch. Anyone who has read this blog for any amount of time knows that I am rarely overly impressed by a collection of short stories. While I may enjoy individual short stories it's very rare that I like a collection of them. So guess what? I *liked* Bang Crunch. Seriously. I did. Maybe it was the fact that a lot of the stories were set in Montreal and I was in Montreal at the time. Maybe it that I was just really open to things at the time (hey, I did decide to move back to Montreal at the same time...). Whatever it was, I'll go with it. I would really like to give you more details about the stories and which ones I liked but um...I waited a really long time to write about this and now the books is packed. lol I do remember that I pretty much liked *all* the stories which is nothing short of shocking.

The author, Neil Smith, was chosen as one of Random House's New Faces of Fiction for 2007. I'll be looking forward to his future publications.