Finally - TO Litbloggers Meet and Greet

My sincere apologies for not posting about this sooner but my personal laptop has had yet another meltdown and HP is sending me yet replacement part. I think they gave me the special needs computer (thankfully it's still under warranty and the HP tech support people are gems). I've just now finished blogging about the Stephen King event (click on that - he gave some good quotes) so now it's time for the litbloggers.

So Saturday we finally had the Toronto Litbloggers Meet and Greet. Because I'm me I was there early but for a change I was not the first one these. Nope, Historia was (she also beat us all to the punch in blogging about the event - she's prompt y'all!). I think she probably deserved a prize for actually getting someplace before me (I hate being late and as a result am chronically early). I realized while I was debating what I was going to order and looking around me for anyone who looked bloggerish that I perhaps should have established some sort of sign as to who I was. You know, like the rose in the copy of Pride and Prejudice in You've Got Mail. We did eventually figure out who everyone was...I guess we looked bloggerish.

Next to show up was Patricia from Booklust. She was the only one that I figured I'd recognize. Patricia was smart - she remembered her camera so there are pictures of the event! (Not sure if I mentioned but I had an unfortunate haircutting incident in April and I HATE MY HAIR!) If I remember correctly Deanna and Melanie showed up next (I actually thought they were together until Deanna sat down and Melanie didn't...although she did of course after she figured out who we were, lol - Melanie deserves an award for coming the longest distance to be there). And then Kate arrived and yay the gang was all there!

Somehow we managed to spend close to three hours eating gelato and yakking away about books, blogs, book conferences, publishing, writing, libraries, rejection letters, marketing, men, author experiences (the good, the bad, and the oh so very ugly), shoes and of course, more books. Basically everything you would expect when you put a bunch of bookish women in a room.

Oddly enough, there was another group of bloggers meeting at the very same itty-bitty cafe at the very same time! A group of photobloggers from BlogTO was there putting up an exhibit of photos. How cool was it that an art exhibit when up as we sat there? When I chose Solferino as the spot I was thinking that it would have coffee and gelato and likely not be crazily busy (hahahah - yeah, Woofstock proved me wrong on that one!). But who knew that it would be a blogger hotspot? If a meteorite had hit that spot on Saturday afternoon there'd be a lot less TO blogging going on!

Eventually our little group had to break up as people have lives and had other things to do. But before it all ended, Patricia, Kate, Melanie and myself made our way through the crowd of dogs to the bookstore across the street - Nicholas Hoare (I don't have to be sad about leaving this store behind because there's one in Montreal too - woohoo!). I'm not really sure how she managed it but Patricia left there purchase-less. She must teach me her tricks because I left with two books even though I knew that if I bought anything I'd have to pack it. It worked in the sense that I didn't buy *more* books but I still left with things that will require me to pack them (as soon as I find them...they seem to have gotten lost under my multiple piles of stuff).

It was a really, really great time connecting people and faces with their writing. I highly encourage other litbloggers to set up meet and greets! It's so much fun!

And Toronto Litbloggers - we'll have to do this again when I come back into town. Next time we'll do it wine!