You could play a tune

Remember this category? It hasn't been totally forgotten.  I just didn't go to the gym for a really, really, really long time. I still hate the gym. I still find the weight room to be the scariest thing in the whole damn world.  The cardio room is just slightly better.

I'm sorry but the gym is just a damned scary place for a bookworm with the coordination of a rock.

But I went last week. And I went this week.  What is spawning this resurgence?  Well you know I'm moving.  I'm moving to a building that's up a large mofo of a hill.  And as I realized when I was visiting Montreal, sitting on your ass all day makes walking up said hill a bit taxing.  So I'm trying to whip my body into walking shape.

But it's hard.  My calf muscles don't like it. At all.  I have to warm up. Do a bit of a stretch. Do the rest of my work out.  Change. Walk home. Stretch for another 10 minutes.  No, not constantly.  But stretch.  Walk around the apartment. Stretch some more. Rinse and repeat.

I don't get you people who like the gym. I think you are freaky. Seriously.  But I'm trying.  I really am.  I'm going. And when I'm there I work it.

And hopefully by the time I move I'll be able to walk up that damn hill without wanting to take a nap when I get home.