It's starting to sink in...

The whole moving thing. I don't mean the "I'm going to be living in Montreal" thing. That's awesome.  But the "I have to pack up all my shit and move it" thing.  I hate that part.

I'm really, really, really tempted to just chuck my bed.  I don't like my bed. I don't want to move my bed. It's a piece of crap.

But I also don't want to get stuck sleeping on my (perfectly fine) air mattress for a month either.  But I really hate my bed. And I don't want to move it.  I've been looking at beds online. I could by one right away. I'd rather, obviously, save up for it rather than stick it on credit hey, that's what credit is for right???? And if I could live in this apartment without anything to sit on aside from dining room chairs for 4 months I can suck it up and sleep on an air mattress for a couple of weeks if I have to.

The original plan was to buy a couch first. But as of right now a new bad is taking the lead. Big time.