Calling all Toronto Lit-Bloggers: I want to meet you

So y'all know I'm moving. And it was here in Toronto that I started book blogging. And many good things have come from that. I met authors like Ami McKay and Margaret Atwood. I attended multiple readings, a festival or two, and even managed to get myself into the 2007 Random House New Face of Fiction launch. I was able to start blogging at BlogHer.

Toronto has been very good to me.

But there is one thing I haven't done. I have not met any Toronto area lit-bloggers. Part of that is my fault. Kate S kindly invited me to her book launch but, and this is the lamest excuse ever, I didn't go because I couldn't find a pair of shoes to wear having given myself 20 different blisters over the course of the weekend. I've exchanged emails with you, I've read your blogs, I've commented on your blogs, some of you have sent me books and thanks to you my TBR list keeps growing and growing.

I cannot leave Toronto without at least having met SOME of you.

So I'm proposing a Toronto Lit-Blogger Meet and Greet. This is what I'm thinking but I'm flexible.

Date: Saturday June 2 (totally flexible on this but I figure it give us enough time to make plans and hoping it's early enough not to start bumping into June weddings)
Location: I'm open to suggestions but it must be accessible by TTC cause I don't have a car. Maybe the Danforth, Beaches (or The Beach if you prefer), Distillery District? (I'm an east-ender.) The Danforth wins as everyone seems to like that idea and it's on the subway line. Exact location TBD! Someplace with drinks (be it coffee or otherwise) and at least dessert type things. It would be nice to get a place that takes reservations at which point I will make a reservation under the name "sassymonkey". I'm open to suggestions.
Time: afternoon?

If you are interested please email me at thesassymonkey at gmail dot com or leave a comment.

I know I've been a bad blogger lately and I'm just hoping that y'all are still reading. Please feel free to pass this around. Link it, email it, facebook it, whatever.

Edit: So far we have Kate S, Ragdoll and Patricia on board. Who will be next on the list???