Queen of Cool

When I was making my list of books for the A-Z challenge I struggled with a few letters. "Q" was one of them. I find that sad cause I like the letter "Q". There's something sassy about it. It's almost like other letters but it's not quite like them. When it's just a little mite "q" like to fool other little mites into thinking it's just a backward "p" Or a straight-laced "g". And then when it's all growed up "Q" it like an "O" but that curvy little tale adds some sass. Plus there's the insistence on having it's friend "u" by its side as much as possible.

Yeah...I clearly gotta lay off the cold medicine. And possibly get some sleep.

Right so I have having trouble finding something for Q. Then I noticed that Denise had Queen of Cool on her list so I shamelessly stole it. And then Leila wrote about it and confirmed the rumoured goodness of Castellucci (seriously you don't want to know how many book reviews of Leila's I've flagged or how many books I've read because of her).

Libby is *the* Queen of Cool. And like all Queens she has her minions friends. But something doesn't feel right. She's bored. Bored with her friends, bored with being the leader, bored with her life. She doesn't understand it. She tries to ignore it but the more she does that, the more she feels like she's going to break. So she does something spontaneous. Something her friends would never do. She signs up for an internship at the zoo. When she shows up she realizes that the internship kids are smarter than she gives them credit for - they don't think she's cool. The story goes the way you expect it to, but even though the novel is short there's still a genuine evolution of characters over time.

Now I really want to read Boy Proof...but who wouldn't want to read a book about a girl named Egg?

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