Finding Cassidy

Yes, Finding Cassidy is an issue book. But it's an interesting issue book.

Cassidy is 16 (almost 17 of course). She has plenty of money, a nice car, a football boyfriend, fun friends. Life is good.

Then one night while she is out with friends she gets a call that he father was in an accident. Things for Cassidy will never be the same. But not for the reason you think.

Her father is diagnosed with a fatal disease. A disease that is genetic. Cassidy, having done her internet research, asks her parents to let be tested for the disease. They tell her that she doesn't need to be tested. Cassidy doesn't understand and pushes them (she's headstrong this one) and then she finds out the Truth. Her father is not her father. Her biological father was a an anonymous sperm donor.

Cassidy feels like there's a big black hole in her life. Her parents lied to her. Her Dad isn't her biological father. No one can tell her anything about her biological father. Then she goes out with friends, gets drunk and spills the little family secret. After her secret is out she doesn't know who her friends are anymore. Her boyfriend's mother hated her before and now thinks she's a total freak.

I liked Cassidy. She could have come across as a poor little rich kid but she doesn't really. I think her reactions are pretty believable. Getting drunk. Inappropriate sex. Binge shopping. Rage. Despair. It's all there.

But I still thought her boyfriend was a jackass. And yeah, there was boyfriend angst. Jackass boyfriend angst. hmph