I am sickly. Ok fine, I'm sick. But I'm trying hard not to be. Unfortunately the universe is conspiring against me. I've been lacking in sleep due to a busy work week. And then today??? Today I discovered our furnace isn't working. It's maintaining heat at a whopping 15.5C and does NOT want to go higher. Yay you Mr. Furnace. How kind of you to do this as the temperature dips and we have SNOW. Several phone calls to my landlords (who both have the same first name which is amusing to a point and then confusing at a different point) and a repairman should be showing up before 10pm. And then?? Then hopefully I will have heat.

But! But! Tomorrow is Good Friday which means a day off work. Which means I will sit and read and watch movies and huddle under blankets and drink another soup pot of feel better tea. Unfortunately since I don't want to infect people with my crud I'll probably stay in the apartment all weekend. :(

Just keep your fingers crossed my sinus cold doesn't turn into a sinus infection.