I arrived safe and sound. I had the slowest taxi driver ever (he was nice, but very slow).  I had to lug my suitcase down the subway stairs as I couldn't go into the main doors which were about 10 feet in front of me because of some stupid mysterious plastic containers.  Bah! But then I got to the train and it was mostly ok. Some really annoying girls sat next to me.  And then the guy behing me reeked of pot.  And there was a stag party on the train (ok, they weren't holding it on the train but they were on their way to Montreal and thought they'd get started early).

I spent a wonderful weekend with Cat and Shawn. :) I like their house.  And I liked being able to see their doggies because I couldn't see them the last time I was in town.  Cat has blogged a bit about our Saturday activities.

I really wish Montreal wasn't so bad for me professionally. I feel like I miss it.  That's not to say that I'm not happy in Toronto...I am.  But there's something about being here this time that made me kinda miss living here.  Sigh.