4am thoughts

Some days work just plain sucks. Any day where I work more than 12 hours sucks big time.  Days where I work more than 15 hours really, really suck.

Work is now done. Everything else is messed up, messy or behind.

My train leaves in 7 hours. I have not yet slept.  I was going to try to squeeze in 2 hours...but... is there really any point in going to bed at 4am? I'm inclined to say no. I think it will just make me more tired.

I should probably eat something.

I'd say I should write something, especially for BlogHer because I've been trying to find the time to write something for 2 days but um, I'm not sure that's the greatest of ideas seeing as I worked for 17.5 hours and have been awake for almost  21...  I think I have the post started somewhere though...

I have no idea what I packed. I just hope that there are actual outfits. I may have packed 20 pairs of underwear.  I just threw in underwear.  No idea what shirts I packed. (Yes Shawn, I did pack shirts.)

I think I need to buy another pair of pants soon.

Still left to pack: shower stuff, makeup, hair stuff, books.

I will be away for 11 days (more or less).  11 days = 5 pairs of shoes...so far.  I haven't finished packing yet.

I am an overpacker.  I was scarred as a child. I lived with my Mom but spend every other weekend with my father.  My father was not into details...like telling me we were going to wedding. I did not pack appropriate wedding clothes. I had to do to the wedding wearing decidely un-weddingy clothes.  Now I always feel like I should have a formalish outfit packed. And proper shoes.   And accessories.  I sort of have that covered but I may need to add another pair of pants...and a pair of shoes.

I really hope I don't end up next to an annoying person on the train today.  I was going to say tomorrow. But today is tomorrow and has been for several hours.

I really hope no one dies this trip.

I should probably make my bed.

I think I'm dehydrated.

I wonder what I've forgotten to do.

I really am happy I'm taking this time off. I really need sleep and to not work.

I really should eat something.

I need to remember that around 8am I need to go to the ATM and get cash so I can take a cab to the train station. I'm so not up to dealing with public transit with luggage.

I should check my accounts online. Ohh, I have more money than I thought I did. Yay.

I really hope that this doesn't happen again tomorrow.  If my train is cancelled I'll be really pissed.

Ok, it's now 4:30. I'm not going to bed.  I think I'll paint my toes.

Not sure how much I'll be online while I'm gone.  Have a good week everyone!