I have been positively pathetic about updating this blog lately. I'm sorry. While it's true that I haven't been reading so much lately that's never stopped me before.

It's been a weird month. A lot of ups and downs at work. A few health issues. General feeling that if I look at the computer anymore I'll scream. Plus some computer issues (ie losing stuff due to a stupid windows reinstallation). Yes, all excuses but when added up together you have one tired, deflated sassymonkey (who happens to have gotten a haircut that made her cry - my hair is the lovechild of Joan Jett and David Bowie and that's just so not me it's not funny).
On Friday I'm running away from home and the office. I'm going to go to Montreal and see my friend Cat's new house. And visit with some other friends there. And then spend a weekend at a friend's cottage in Vermont. I'll have lost of time to read. And sleep. And just generally recharge. Which at the moment I really need because I'm feel a bit battered.

Hopefully regular updates will commence soon.