I should break up with shoes

I love me some pretty new shoes.  Really I do.  But I really should break up with shoes. Especially pretty new shoes.

I love them. They do not love me.  Or they pretend to love me only to chew the hell out of my heels on the first distance trial.

Yeah I know, the similarities to my love life (or lack there of) are striking.

About a month ago I bought a pretty pair of 9 West shoes.  They were cute, red and had only the teeniest of heels (as in 1/4-inch heel).  And did I mention they were red? It was a match made in heaven. Or so I thought.  I tried to break them in slowly. I've been wearing them around in the house in the evenings trying to soften up the leather.  After a month I thought I'd take them on a short walk. I went to blockbuster and back.  About 10-15 minutes, TOPS.  By the time I got back to my house I had to sit on my porch and take of the shoes. I could not do the stairs in them.  I had a wicked blister, a seriously irritated patch of skin and in two spots the skin came right off.

Clearly not a match made in heaven. Also clearly, not so very broken in.

The weather was so warm that the next day I had to get out of the house. I could obviously not wear anything on my heels.  Flip-flops it was.  But since it was the first big summerish outing of the year I, of course, got blisters in between my toes.

I hate shoes.  But I love shoes. And I need shoes.

And in 4 days I leave for my trip to Montreal and I have no idea what shoes to pack.  This is normally an issue but made all the harder this time due to the fact that I have open wounds on my feet.  :(

Perhaps this is a good time to mention that I can't wear bandaids?  Trust me, it just makes the problem worse (I react to them, hell, I'm at the point where I react to scotch tape!).

Shoes are so pretty.  Why do they need to hurt me so much? I go through this with every damn pair of shoes I buy.  :(