Pretty Woman

I think like many people who have seen Pretty Woman I've always wanted to walk into a store and say "I'm going to be spending an obscene amount of money in here today." Well, I haven't done it.  But I've taken "splurge" to a whole new level and I'm pretty darned sure that many of you would think that I did spend an obscene amount of money yesterday. On underwear.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it here before but yesterday I finally got around to going to Secrets From Your Sister.  And I finally got a fitting. And yep, I was wearing the wrong size bra! I know,  you may now all throw things at me since I told you all to go get bra fittings months ago. Truth be told I was not horrifically off.  Yes I did have the wrong band size and the wrong cup size.

Band size: In all honesty I didn't know that my current band size really existed outside of training bras.  Seriously.  Yes, I. am. small.  I have a small frame and I have little bones.  When I was a kid I could only have been described as scrawny.  But it does exist...just not in the big lingerie chain stores.  La Senza doesn't have it. Neither does Victoria's Secret although they do have a size in the next band up that I *might* be able to wear. I'll get to that in a moment.

Cup size: Ok, I didn't know I could get bras in my band size. I *really* didn't know that that my cup sizes existed (at least not for small band sizes, I knew they were available in the 40+ band sizes).  Yes, I said sizes.  I bought 5 bras and I think only two had the same cup size.  Every bra, every style, every company sizes differently.  You might be a C in one bra and a D in the other.  A cup size isn't the same between different band sizes. A 32C isn't going to be the same as a 38C.

At SFYS they examined every bra I had on to see how it did or did not fit.  You see, they know their stock *really* well.  If one of their bras doesn't fit you well for whatever reason they have a pretty good idea of what other bra in stock will.  I've always had a hard time in standard chain stores because while I have a small band size I'm certainly not an A cup.

Band size and cup size combo: Yes, on top of wearing more than one cup size, you can wear more than one band size.  The hooks on which you would fasten your bra would change.  And so would your cup size. If you move into a larger band size your cup size will generally decrease. See the above comment about cup size changing with band size.  Truthfully, there's really no such thing as a being a "C cup".  You might be a C in your bandsize most of the time, but again, that will change with style, company, etc.

Price: I know you are all wondering.  Yes, there were some pricey bras.  I bought two that were definitely in the "spendy" range.  Not obscene but some of you might look like I was crazy.  But I was very happy to find that many of the basic bras (t-shirt bras) were about $50.  And yeah, I probably could get two bras for that price at La Senza but they wouldn't fit me properly.  And I'd rather have one bra that fits than two that don't.  How much did spend? Yeah, I'm not telling you. But enough so that they gave me a free pair of panties and free

SFYS gets two thumbs up from me.  In fact, I think they may have totally ruined me for other lingerie stores. At least for bras. And that's saying A LOT.