I've been verrrryyy quiet this week. I didn't really mean to be. But it happened. I appear to be exhausted. I think my body is trying to take back every single second of missed sleep from the last 3 months.

You see, all week I do well until about 9pm. And then I CRASH.  I think one day this week I *might* have made it to 10:30.  But that was counterbalanced by the fact that last night I was in bed with lights OFF at 8:30.  Yes, 8:30!!!

Yeah...tired.  And yes I've been to the doctor. I went on Wednesday for what I thought was supposed to be my annual physical. But No! It wasn't.  I still had to have all the blood tests done (vampires!).  And I get to go back next week for the results and the actual physical (ie. all the girly bits).

Annoyance: being lecture by my doctor after I told her about getting food poisoning. Lady I know chicken needs to be cook thoroughly. That's why my chicken breasts better resemble bricks than you know, actual food.  Not that it matters as I don't eat chicken anymore.  Stupid fowl.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Not that I have many plans other than you know, sleep. Oh and taxes.  Tomorrow is my meet my tax person and give her all my tax info day.  Exciting eh?

And for the love of all things holy - someone remind me that I need to call and make a hair appointment. Cannot go to Montreal with this sad, white streaked mop of hair (I have roots that are 4 inches long and WHITE *sob*).