I had an internet outage. My modem decided to die. It's since gone of to where ever it is that modems go to die and I have a new one that works. Yay working modem.

Not having internet access to most people is highly annoying.  When you work from home it's just downright shitty.  Luckily I had friends who let me work from their house on Friday.  They also fed me.  Those are good types of friends to have I'm telling ya.

Piper slept in her cat bed for a total of two days.  Now she's back to sleeping on the futon, desk chair, windowsill and on my bed.  So much for that lovely experiment.

Speaking of Piper, Jony came over to watch a movie last night. Piper is fairly used to Jony and doesn't find his presence totally objectionable although she does still tend to look at him with disdain and will meow bitchily at him. Occasionally she hisses.  Those of you who have met her know this to be pretty normal Piper behaviour.  Last night Piper was weird.  First she stared at Jony for a long time.  Then she got up and moved closer to to him and stared some more. Then she jumped up on the futon and I though she was going to settle on my lap. But no! That wasn't it at all.  She walked over me, walked onto him and sat on his lap for about a half hour.   Those of you who know Piper I'm sure are shocked by this.  And before you ask, no he did not have any cheese.

Why is it that my ISP can't give a better time for when a tech is going to show up other than between 8 and 5?  Wanna guess what time the tech got here?  If you said 4:50 you'd be correct.  I had been up since 7:30.  I can't tell you how much it sucks to be stuck in the house all day waiting for someone to come fix your internet.  It could have been worse though...they could have not come at all.

It's 7. I've been up since noon. And yet I still feel like I need a nap.

Why do weekends go by so quickly?