Dance Chica recommended Enthusiasm by Polly Shulman to me last week in my post about the 25 Pains of Kennedy Baines. Enthusiam also has an Austen connection.

Julie is an Austen fan although she's largely kept that from her best friend Ashleigh. Ashleigh is an "enthusiast". She flits from project to project but always dives in feet first and with much fervour. It's ranged from being a hard-core band fan waiting outside for concert tickets to a candy-making phase. And Julie gets taken in on them every time.

Julie decides to introduce Ashleigh to Pride and Prejudice - something that she may regret. Ashleigh has decided that she is Elizabeth Bennett and Julie is Jane Bennett and they must go in search for their Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley (Julie is, of course, vaguely offended that Ashleigh assumes that she's Elizabeth).

Mix into this a mysterious handsome stranger, an annoying (not to mention young) step-mother, a father with his head up his butt, friendly neighbours, first kisses, crashing dances, a high school musical, and an artistic and down on her luck mother.

It's a fun book and would be even if I wasn't all about the Austen lately.

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