I just don't know what to do with myself

Right now it's looking like I'm going to have a *real* weekend (subject to change the next time I check my work email however...).

But I just don't know what to do with myself. I have no plans to go out nor do I want to make any. I want to sit around and glory in nothingness.

I don't need to clean really because the apartment is pretty darned clean (especially for me!). I've already made one trip to Goodwill to drop stuff off. Unfortunately (maybe) I also walked out with stuff. I bought another glass 1L milk jug that matches one I already own. It was a bargain at $.49 and um, I broke my large vase last week so I kinda needed a new one. I also bought a glass decanter. I like keeping water on my desk but lately I tend to spill things so a decanter with a top is good. And it was only $1.99. I need to go back to drop of more stuff and yes, I'll be buying more stuff as well. What will I be buying? Mason jars. It's damned hard to find mason jars in this city and any time I ask where they are at Walmart these silly city people look at me like i have two heads. But Goodwill has mason jars. Yay! Which means that sometime soon I'll be stocking up on frozen raspberries and making jam.

While I was out I also looked at knobs to replace the icky knobs on my cabinets but the only one I liked was too expensive (well...too expensive to buy for a rental apartment, I'm still looking for cheap here, but nicer cheap).

There's some cooking on my horizon this weekend. I have celery in the fridge and I need something to do with it so I think I'm going to make cream of celery soup. I love soup. And I have books to read. And blog posts to write. And movies to watch. Ah! Weekends. I love them.

And now that I've talked about all the nothingness I plan to do this weekend I'll check my email in the morning and have work to do.