Which is it?

I figure there are three choices.

  1. I'm nesting.

  2. I'm paranoid.

  3. I'm fed up with clutter.

You since since I had the cleaning freak on the weekend I've gotten obsessed with keeping things clean. I've been doing laundry and putting things away immediately. There is nothing on my floor. Nothing!  Ok fine, that's a lie. There's a box in the middle of my floor because I threw it there a few minutes ago and now I have to get up and put in the recycling bag. Ok, done that. Now theres' really nothing on the floor.  My dishes are done. Bed freshly made. I found/remember where the dvd I rented weeks ago was and I will watch it shortly. Then when it's over I will work some more.

Aside from the working some more this is so not me.  Next thing you know you'll hear me say that I went to the.

Right the gym. Haven't gone since I got the new position. So um...almost two months. I'm seriously thinking about going this weekend.  Then again, I'm also seriously thinking about painting some furniture this weekend.  Which brings up back to the nesting theory. Ever few months I go through this thing where I want to paint my bedroom furniture but then I can never figure out what colour to paint it. I'm also thinking about changing the knobs on the kitchen cupboards cause I *hate* the ones that are there. Yeah, I know I rent. But I figure I'm going to be renting for a good long time and spend 99% of my time in my apartment (seriously, I work from here remember) and dammit if I don't want want to look at icky knobs I shouldn't have to (hmm I wonder if "icky knobs" is a google trap???)

And the paranoid theory? Well if nothing is on the floor nothing can be ruined right?

The clutter theory? I hate clutter. I'm sick of clutter. I have a pile of clutter waiting for me to take it to Goodwill.  Which I have ever intention of doing. As soon as I remember.  I'd set it by the door to remind me but then it would be on the floor. ;)