Jane Eyre

Arg! My modem has foresaken me. I am working off my neighbour's signal at the moment (they are nice, they don't mind) but it's sllllooooowwwwwww. But I can check email! And if I have something else to distract me for long enough, I can load pages. I swear though, it's slower than dial-up.

Right so Jane Eyre. I *swear* I thought I had attempted to read when I was in my teens (or perhaps even my tweens) but I must have been wrong because I don't remember a single thing about it. And then, after hearing that the Brontes were not so much fans (*cough*) of Austen it kinda cooled me on wanted to read them (I reserve the right to be an Austen snob - I'm not sure how it happened but it did and I'm sticking with it). Well that and starting to read Wuthering Heights in my teens and being bored and putting it away. Wuthering Heights will make a comeback later this year as it's also on my A-Z list. And I can never remember which Bronte sister wrote what and it's gets all confusing.

Anyway, Jane Eyre - I was somewhat surprised to find I liked it. I didn't expect to like it really and I'm not sure why seeing as many seemingly sane people seem to like it (then again, many seemingly sane people seem to like The Moonstone, which is something I cannot fathom). But yes, I liked it. I like Jane although I found her a bit odd. Actually that might have been why I liked her I liked Rochester. I liked them alln really. But I just didn't love it. I didn't love any of the characters. I didn't love any of the events. I didn't feel the need to stay up late and push my way through it to see what happened. I was content to just sit and read a few chapters a night. I could even read just a single chapter and be fine. And that is shocking. Normally when I read I don't even notice chapter breaks because I get so into the book.

So Jane Eyre. Liked it but did not love it. And since my brain is full of internet woes and work I can think of nothing else to say about this except I really do want to see the miniseries that everyone was raving about in January. I didn't want to watch it at the time but I'll now have to try to add it to my movie list.

Now where is the darned tech guy?