101 things update

Yeah, not doing so great at the 101 things.  I've been busy. When I started the 101 things I hadn't planned on getting a new position. Does that mean that I'm not going to do the things? No. I just need to make more of an actual effort to get them done now that I'm low on free time (and really, I should be working right now but I'm tired and if I'm going to work all weekend I want Friday off dammit!).

This will be an update for two months because I forgot to update in Feb.

Under books I read all the books I had out from the library. yay! Of course now I have a pile a mile high but that's a minor detail right???

In travel - I went to Montreal in January. Yay!

Under work I updated my resume. Yay! And although it wasn't on the list I got a new position at work. Yay!

Health and fitness - I got my eyes checked. Yay!

I had to change something under blogs because I moved all my food blog posts into this blog. I just made a minor edit to change from posting on my food blog to posting about food on this blog. Minor detail.