Various and Sundries

Because it sounds better than "link dump" and "weird searches". It's a bit more refined.

Linky Love
I tend to save things in bloglines and then not do anything with them. So guess what? I'm giving them to you so YOU can do something with them. Never say I'm not learnings things at work. I'm delegating!

  • Crazy Aunt Pearl's Kitty Pi - I was going to make one for Piper. But I'm lazy. So I bought her a cat bed. And she refuses to use it. No cheese for her! (But if you know where I can find a cheese-scented cat bed let me know...)

  • Hammer - go watch. And then go tell Liz that she's awesome.

  • I always want to think that this says "Margarita Soup". Wishful thinking I suppose. But I shall make it someday and call it "Not Margarita Soup".

  • Ok, this one was newly added to my saves but I know you anal-retentives are out there, whereas I need all the organizational help I can get.

  • Comment Policies - this one has been sitting the smoker for a long time. I didn't have a comment policy but I started thinking about it and then forgot about it. I still haven't totally formed but I've figured out this much at least - if you want me to write your book report I'll delete your comment. (And if there are any teachers out there - you might want to start checking book reports in google to see which students are bumming book reports from blogs - and to think my teachers frowned on Cliff Notes!)

People get here in weird ways.

  • monkey vomit recipe (I don't even want to know...)

  • how to get rid of waxing reactions (FYI the answer is lots of Benadryl and if it's not the weekend go to a doctor)

  • i hate clutter

  • blogs like crazy aunt pearl (while I would like to take this as a huge compliment that I am indeed like Crazy Aunt Pearl I'm pretty sure they got here because I said "I like Crazy Aunt Pearl".)

  • Just Chicken Recipes Nothing Else (perhaps only funny if you know that I'm now anti-chicken - they are evil beasts that have tried to kill me twice)

  • sounds of water running in basement pipe (don't even go there...)

  • "minimalist living" (bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha - ouch, I think I pulled a muscle from laughing too hard)

  • I get various searches about the legal age to buy condoms. I'm afraid I don't know if there is an age restriction. Anyone know? If so gimme links and I'll post about it.

  • "Charlie Brown" anti-Christ (say what?)

  • carnation instant breakfast diet (if there is a diet where you consume nothing but carnation instant breakfast all I can say is DON'T DO IT - extreme diets do not work and are not healthy. Talk to your health care professional about an appropriate eating plan.)

  • smells like raspberry in the basement (that's cause I made raspberry jam)

  • main water valve in an apartment (yeah...let's not go there either)

  • how to get to ikea montreal by bus (I get this one A LOT. Use the STCs Touz Azimuts to get directions - it will map your whole trip for you.)

There are two search items I get a lot. I'll try to get them in separate posts eventually.