The 25 Pains of Kennedy Baines

I'm sorry to have to jump into this but can I just say that the cover art for this is really uninspired?

Now that I've got that off my chest, I don't think I knew that The 25 Pains Kennedy Baines was Canadian. Therefore it follows that I wasn't aware that it was a Raincoast Books book. I love Raincoast Books (even if their website tends to be slow). I love that they are Ancient Forest Friendly, especially since they are the Canadian publishers for the Harry Potter series.

I'm really not sure how I came across this one. I think it might have been one of my random selections from the library's new books list. I will often go through the lists and search out interesting titles, cross-checking them on amazon or chapters. If they sound good, onto the request list they go.

While I didn't think that the novel was spectacular it was certainly decent YA. I liked Kennedy, and no doubt in part due to her love of Pride and Prejudice. P&P continues to come up throughout the novel as Kennedy works through some stuff.

Kennedy comes off as a very normal teenager with very normal friends. Her mother was a good character (who lectures her friends on the virtues of masturbation much to Kennedy's horror) and her younger siblings were appropriately annoying. And as there is a bit of a P&P parallel going on there is of course a good guy and a cad.

But what more could someone ask for in a YA novel on top of the Pride and Prejudice connection? A David Usher reference. I could love this book for that alone. Thank you Dede Crane.