Boo to sleeping in

Somehow I managed to sleep in until 11:30 today.  While I love to sleep I hate sleeping in past 9:30-10.  But I especially hate doing so on a Sunday.

You see, it's now 9:30pm and it doesn't feel like 9:30. It feels like 7:30.  Which, you know, had I gotten up 2 hours earlier like I should have, it would kinda be 7:30 now. But it's not.

This is the time of the night where I normally starting thinking that I should go to bed in an hour or something. But no, I'm not anywhere close to that at this point. I'm more ready to do the polka in my underwear than think about sleep.

Maybe a beer will make me sleepy?

I hate how the weekends fly by. Sigh.