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I've been on an Austen kick lately. I can't really explain it expect to say that every time I turn around I seem to be tripping over something Austen.

I've just started reading The 25 Pains of Kennedy Baines and what happens? I trip over some Austen.
"Kennedy likes all of Austen's books, but Pride and Prejudice, by far, has the best characters and the most romantic plot. She gets lost in the gentle pace of life back then, the formality of the language, and she can hear the musical English accents. She has wanted to reread is ever since her mom brought home the movie from the library - the BBC version with Colin Firth. Colin Firth, the number one English hunk. Her friends think she's nuts, thinks she has a fetish for older men which she doesn't. They all love Heath Ledger, Chad Michael Murray, Orlando Bloom. She does think Orlando is ok and he's English too, but he doesn't have Colin's shy grace and brooding. She can't believe they made a new version of Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightly. Why? Why? When the BBC version is already perfect. Kennedy had Googled the new movie to see who played Mr. Darcy and it was some pasty-faced guy with a fat nose whom she'd never heard of. He looked grubby, his hair all dishevelled. She never wants to see it, not even on video, afraid it will ruin the book for her, wreck the images in her own mind from the BBC version."

I think the ladies of AustenBlog are right - Austen really is everywhere. (And I sympathize with Kennedy's crush on Mr. Firth - I've had one since I was about her age thanks to the BBC.)

(I really hate it when I post things to the wrong blog, sigh.)