I'm a horrid housekeeper

I really need to clean out my fridge more often. I just chucked a bunch of stuff that was waaayyyyyy past it's prime. I *had* to clean it out tonight because I'm getting groceries delivered tomorrow. Yay food!

Oh! I just had to go edit my grocery order because I realized I left a bunch of stuff off it.

My apartment is a mess (meaning very clutter and in serious need of a good sweep...mopping wouldn't kill me either). I haven't had time to clean in days.  Oh fine, I haven't had time to give it a really good clean in weeks.  I've been moving piles of stuff around. Which will probably have to continue because I'll have to work this weekend too. Sigh. I'm hoping that maybe, maybe next week I'll have a real weekend. I may even try to take a day off.

Snow storms in March suck.  Especially when you didn't really have a significant snowfall until February.  We had snow and thunder today.  Mother Nature is all messed up.

Debating between a movie or a book for the rest of the evening. And I still need to scrounge up for dinner.

Is this week over yet?