Darcy's Story

I've had this on my list since before I decided to read Pamela Aidan's Darcy series. I hadn't really intended to jump into the world of Austen paraliterature quite so much this month but hey, it happened. lol Had I not read Aidan's trilogy I might have liked this one a bit better.

According to the note at end of the book Janey Aylmer started writing Darcy's Story just for fun, after having seen the BBC's Pride and Prejudice. Understandable. I think we all want to know what was going in Darcy's head. Unfortunately this just didn't quite work for me.

The scenes that are pulled from Austen work fine. But when Aylmer tries to move beyond that it's just not quite there. The pacing is off. So is the language. Well actually I don't think it was so much the language as much as the grammar. Austen writes differently than we do today and Aylmer didn't quite manage to get it.

All and all a good attempt. Not perfect. But then it's a hard undertaking as we all have our own ideas of what Darcy did and thought.