Magic Study is less evil

Because I started it during the day. lol

Magic Study is a good follow up to Poison Study. I think Maria Snyder did a good job continuing the story. I expected less from the second novel. Like with Stephanie Meyer's New Moon you spend much of the book wanting the two characters who are romantically connected to be re-united but unlike New Moon I felt that this book worked better. That may make sense to no one but me but hey, I'm used to it.

In the second book in this series (which reminds me...does this series have an "official" name?) Yelena is taken south to Sitia. She meets the family that she was taken away from 14 years early. She leaves them to go to the Citadel to study magic with her mentor. Along the way she gets into her usual trouble of almost getting herself killed. She also discovers that her brother doesn't exactly have loving feelings towards his long-lost sister. And much like in the Commander's castle she's the subject of many rumours in the Keep...although I think there are less wagers about her.

I really liked the twist with the horses. Kiki amused me.
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