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I've been doing a lot of organizing etc this week.  I've gone through my filing, shredded a bunch of stuff, started to organize my tax stuff (realized I hadn't submitted some forms to work that I want to...).

I've been catching up on my feeds and through a blog was taken to Pear Budget - a free excel-based budgeting program. It's pretty cool. It does pretty much everything I want it to do and I don't have to sit there and figure out all the formulas. I think I like it. But the question is will I stick with it? If you only knew how many budgets and spreadsheets I've started. But back to Pear Budget - there's also a Pear Budget Blog.

I'm giving myself a reality check this month. And hoping it extends into the coming months.  I'm going to try really hard to NOT give up on this program (a girl can dream right????).

Did you know that I read a number of personal finance blogs? I do.  Wanna know some of my favourites? Of course you do.

Debt Free Renee - Even when this blog went quiet for a couple of months I still kept in my feedreader. Renee is real and unflinchingly honest.  She doesn't have it all together and I can identify with that.

My Open Wallet - I think everyone likes Madame X.  She has a good voice.  And good advice.

Want Not - Where I go when I'm looking for deals even though since I'm Canadian I'm not eligible for a bunch of them.

Debt Hater - I just like her.

I have more than that but they are the ones that have stuck in my Bloglines folder the longest and that I always make a point of reading.  I have a lot of flow in this folder as the blogs start to annoy me - like the one that indicated having pets was a horrid financial decision.  While I may need to buy things for my cat (like cheese!) I don't consider her an "expense".  She's my fur-covered, cheese addicted, bitchy alter-ego. to shower so I can sit down and do my expenses and submit  next week. And print off a tax receipt for a donation I made last year.

(Yes, I realize that I've posted about 1. cleaning, 2. organizing, 3. de-cluttering, and 4. finances this week. No I have not been abducted and had a microchip implanted in my brain this week.  At least...I don't think so...)

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