I spoke too soon

Tummy and I had a rough day today. I woke up not feeling well today and had to walk away from my desk a few times to go lie down.  Sigh. Stupid chicken.  I'm banning it.  I'll eat veggies. Or beef.  Or tofu. Or something. This is two strikes against chicken for me. I think I'm too scared to try for a third.  And as much as I love bread (and I really love bread) it would be nice to have a real meal for dinner.  At this point I'm not even sure I want to try soup.  I'm worried that for the next little bit I'm going to be forcing myself to eat and I can't tell you how much that thought sucks.

It will be a quiet weekend around here. I'll eat bread and drink club soda. Piper will continue to sack out on throw pillows. I did take a short walk today to see if that would make me feel better (it didn't) and rented a couple of movies. I picked up Jesus Camp since Blockbuster finally decided to get it in.  Actually Blockbuster had a bunch of things in that I've been trying to get.  So I also picked up Paper Clips which I just heard about a couple of weeks ago and I've really wanted to get my hands on it.  No popcorn though. I has actually had some popcorn after eating the chicken the other night and um...I really don't want to see popcorn again any time soon. I'll snack on grapes and some veggies (I wonder if I dare try dip...).