Getting back to normal

I'm settling into my new work routine.  Of course things kept getting thrown at our projects but we're rolling with the punches for now. We're crawling our way toward March 15th. That's sort of our do or die day and we're doing all we can do to get there.

I'm so happy that Sasha is back in working order. I missed not being able to play music and dvds on one computer while I was working on the other. I generally have too many programs running on my computer to play music.  Plus Sasha has a remote which makes turning off music when the phone rings all the much easier. I'm just downloading the new Nora Jones album now.

Work and food poisoning aside, I've had a really quiet week. I'm not sure how it's the end of the week already. But I'm looking forward to the weekend if though I seriously need to clean my apartment. It's turning into a sty. I have at least 3 bags of stuff to haul to Goodwill. I also want to get in some serious reading time this weekend. I have the new Christopher Moore book to read for Harper Collin's First Look program. It came in the mail this week. Yay vampires.

I haven't updated my 101 things since I started last month but I think at this rate I might as well wait until March.

I have to get back to the gym.  It's been um...awhile. I should probably do that this weekend too...