Sasha's home!

I forgot to mention that Sasha, aka the laptop I love and hate at the same time, is home again. Yay!

Apparently there was a problem with a system board. It was a serial killer. It's target? Laptop batteries. But the board has been replaced.

I haven't turned it on yet but I've checked and the battery actually comes out now. Woohoo!

I'm so happy. I can listen to music while working again. AND on evenings when I'm working late I can stick something in it and watch a dvd while working (can't really see the tv from my desk).

Yay for laptops that work!

Edit: Bah Humbug! They didn't charge the battery before they sent it to me.  But on the upside, Sasha is charging it instead of draining it.  Good lappy!