Perhaps I'm weird

But this book FINALLY arrived for me at the library after having been on my request list since sometime this summer.

Yes, I'm excited about a book called Remember Me: A lively tour of the new American way of death.

I'm only a wee bit into it because I've been sick (food poisoning - chicken is EVIL).

I've already encounted an obit in it that I'd be perfectly happy to have be mine. It is the obit for Bette Runge. As some of you may know, I've wanted to learn Argentine Tango for awhile. The problem is that I don't have a partner and Argentine Tango is a very intimate dance and not one that I'm sure I'd be comfortable doing with a complete and total stranger. I'm sure I'd be even more of a klutz than I usually am. But here's a short description of the dance from this obit.
" The dance begins slowly, with the buzz of a bandoneon. The couple stands on the dance floor, erect and motionless. When the South American accordian exhales, the dance begins. The dancers' toes lick the floor in slow circles until their legs intertwine. The woman tilts into her partner like a book on a half empty shelf. He drags her a few steps and then props her upright. He whips her around like a top until she snaps back, tethered by his hand. In a tight embrace, they spin, feet kicking between each other's legs like furious flamingos." page 8

A book reference AND a flamingo reference!

I probably won't have a chance to finish it until the weekend. I have to play catch up because of the bout of food poisoning. Stupid chicken.