Size 14 is not fat either

Do you know what I did today? No? Well I'll tell you. I shut down my computer before 5pm! That's so totally unheard of lately. And, AND I'm not working tomorrow. Tomorrow is MY day. Woohoo! (Of course, I'll totally be working on Sunday but shhhh I'm not thinking about that right now.)

So I shut down my computer and I walked to the library and I returned books and got books and made a donation because it's their funding month and then I went out to eat (it sucked, I didn't eat much) and then I went to the liquor store and then I came home and plopped down on the couch and read Size 14 is not fat either by Meg Cabot, which I just picked up from the library, and drank beer. Could a Cabot book have fallen into my lap at a better time? I don't *think* so.

I needed something that was fluffy tonight. And by fluffy I mean something that I can just sit back, enjoy and not have to worry about it going deep and dark places (although it did go into vaguely gruesome places...not recommended for snacks if can't handle CSI and I ate pizza).

It was fun. I like the main character, Heather Wells. Ok, fine. Sometimes she a stupid girl even though she's almost 30 but I forgive her for it because she dropped out of high school to become a mall queen and tour and didn't do the high school or college thing. She has some lost time to make up for.

What I don't like is that in such series as these the girls never get the guys that you know that they are supposed to be with until at least book 4 in the series. And it's kinda annoying. And I wish I actually liked some of the side characters but aside from guy-that-she's-secretly-in-love-with I'm not really crazy about any of them.

I swear I think I'm high on the fact that I don't have to look at a spreadsheet for a whole 24-36 hours. Yippee!

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