Damn my taste!

I have fallen in love with a dress. I wish I could sew. sigh.

I'm not sure how I found Mighty Flirt but I kinda wish I hadn't. I've falled totally in love with their 1940s silk keyhole dress.


I waaaannnnnttttt it. It's out of my price range however. So sad.

The internet is evil and makes me want things. sigh

If you check out their site I'm not to be blames for any "I wants" you may get a result. They really have beautiful dresses. And handbags. And well...everything they sell is awesome. double sigh It's probably a good thing that the don't ship to Canada because if they did...well...if I were to get an income tax return I cannot promise I would not buy a dress that costs more than I could spend and I really don't have any place to wear it. But look at it! Could you blame me?

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