Cure for the winter blahs

Ok, we haven't had a typical winter by any means but I'm sick and tired of the cold. And as spring looms I really won't want to be seeing many more days like these.

They just aren't fun. And not just because I don't want to shovel.

So last weekend I bought these:

Nothing brighens up an apartment like fresh flowers and I do prefer tulips. So does the yoga lady. Doesn't she look like she approves?

Look at the colours. Aren't they great for the winter blahs?

But well, flowers don't last very long. Solution? Buy more!

I accidentally bought too many to fit in my $0.50 milk jug so I had to go with the $2.50 Ikea vase that everyone owns.

Green and orange is every bit as lovely as the red and purple.

A male friend of mine once told me that women shouldn't buy themselves flowers. When I asked him why he replied that if all women bought themselves flowers they wouldn't be impressed when men bought them flowers. And then what would the men have to do to impress us? I told him not all men gave a damn about impressing women and if I had to wait for a man to buy me flowers I'd get them about once every 5 years.(He is actually married to a very lovely woman whom he totally spoils.)

Fresh flowers = cure for the winter blahs.