Having a fit

Every now and then I have a fit. It generally involves the need to clean and declutter.

I'm having one today. I can't sit still.  This is how bad it is...I have a book I really want to read and I keep jumping up off the couch to clean something.

I need to stop though. It's dusty and I'm starting to get itchy.  And I don't want to wear myself out before it's time to put away my laundry!

I think perhaps this fit stems from the fact it was actually above freezing today! A week ago we were getting a ton of snow but now it's all melting.  I went for a walk (to the library) and got some fresh air then came home, worked for a bit and watched some tv. I was flipping through the channels and came across Nate on Oprah and had to stop cause who doesn't like Nate? They were talking about decorating small apartments. I have a small apartment! It was all very relevant you see.  I need Nate to come reorganize my apartment for me.

Anyway, the apartments they showed were so nice and pretty and organized and not at all like my cluttered and messy apartment. I think the combination of the (relatively) warm weather and seeing pretty apartments boosted me into cleaning.

Someday I will have a pretty apartment.  But I think someone will need to teach me how to organize stuff first...