I shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen and other stuff

I don't know what's up lately but being in the kitchen seems to be hazardous to my health.  First there was the chicken fiasco that resulted in me being sick for what...a week? Then last night I was taking the pit out of an avocado and sliced my finger.  Not deep enough to need stitches but definitely deep enough to need a bandage. Problem was I didn't have any.  And I was bleeding.  And in case you've forgotten, I live alone.  Not generally a good combo.

So I wrapped my finger in a copious amount of toilet paper and threw on my coat and my shoes and ran across the street to the corner store.  All the while trying to keep my finger elevated .  So there I was walking down the street with my hand up in the air as if I was a kid in class with a question.  Fun times!  I grabbed some bandaids (making sure not to get the type that cause me to break out in a disgusting rash) and some peroxide and home I went to bandage myself up.  Luckily by the time I got to that it had stopped bleeding.  Well...mostly.  And cleaning the wound didn't hurt as much as I thought it was going to. Always a bonus.

My finger is mostly fine now and not too painful.  Until I hit it against something. Then it hurts like a mofo.

You know, I'm not exceptionally squeamish.  Until I see my own blood. That I don't like so much.  Not enough to pass out...most of the time. I did once. I was working in a fast food restaurant and sliced my fingers on the tomato slicer.  Right in a few knuckles.  I still have slight scars.  It was a Sunday morning and the store was OUT OF BANDAGES.  So I had to sit with my hand over the sink trying to stop the bleeding with paper towels.  Twenty minutes later I finally got bandaids.  Then I asked my manager to help me to the back door where I promptly fell down. But I'm blaming that on adrenaline cause the same thing sometimes happens at the dentist's office.

Among the less bloody and painful stuff that happened yesterday, I ordered new glasses. Two pairs! I didn't really plan to order two pairs but I feel victim to the "but they look so pretty" pitfall.  Which is unusual because I generally hate wearing glasses.  But I wear my contacts less and less these days because well, I work at home and contacts are a pain.  I'd wear my glasses more in public if I actually liked them.  So I found two pairs I like, one every day pair and one that's more dressy. Actually I had a bit of trouble choosing the second pair. It was down to two pairs and I asked the owner (I think he was the owner) his opinion and he had a hard time. One paid was funky and the other, well they can only be described as "mrrroew!"  I went for the "mrroew!" pair.  When I first tried them on they scared me because they are a lot more frame than I'm used to.  And um, leopard print.  But they grew on me.  I'll be picking them up next week.  Pictures to follow whenever I get around to it.