Sasha has amnesia

I'm feeling better. Piper's feeling better (she had hairball issues over the weekend). And Sasha has amnesia. What the heck am I going to do with this stupid computer?

Sasha has totally forgotten and refuses to recognize the existance of the dvd/cd drive. It was there when I shipped Sasha off to HP. I got Sasha back last week, cured of vampirism (Sasha liked to suck batteries dry). But it seems when they performed the obliviate charm so Sasha would not remember the vampire ways, they also erased Sasha's ability to recognize the dvd drive.

So they are sending me a new one. It's supposed to be here February 21. Let's hope that it doesn't take as long as the battery.

And I hope Sasha hasn't picked up any more tricks that I haven't found yet...

Oh! HP support people rock. Really. Even when I had problems with the battery the people they have manning the phones really do rock. I've never had anything but perfectly civil people and most of them were really, really nice.