Remember Me

I liked Remember Me: A lively tour of new American way of Death a lot. Seriously.

Ok, I know it sounds morbid. But it's really not. I swear.

I hate funerals. I'm all for rites and ceremonies but I always thought that in North America we have the whole funeral thing messed up. The first funeral I ever attended was my grandfather's. I decided that during a funeral you are made to feel like you are never going to be happy or laugh again. And I remember how after my grandfather's funeral people went back to the house and ate food and told stories and laughed. I get that people need to grieve but why is it that we only tell the stories and remember the *life* after everyone goes home?

The baby boomers changed many aspects of society. And now they are changing death rites in North America. You'll hear of things in the book that you've heard of before - things that probably seemed absurd when you first heard about them but when given a personal story seem like wonderful ideas, like having a loved ones remains turned into diamonds. The author, Lisa Takeuchi Cullen didn't approach any of these ideas with the intent to make fun of them or treat them as weird, which is not something we get through mainstream media. Sure, she injected the book with humour but it was never mean spirited and most often directed toward herself.

Read it. It's interesting. I swear.

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