I'm not going to swear, I'm not going to swear....but mostly because I did all my swearing on my other blog. Stupid computer.

First things first - finished The Ghost Map. Wrote about it at BlogHer. In a nutshell - I liked it but it made me a bit obsessive about washing my hands...

Haven't touched a book since because...I got a promotion of sorts at work. Yay! But this means I'm full out crazy with work. Boo! Which means I haven't been reading. Hiss!

But after a very long, frustrating day I think I'm ready to crawl into bed and read. Rather than start a library book that is due soon and I really don't have time to finish I think I'm going to grab my brand-spanking-new-to-me copy of Madge Morton: Captain of the Merry Maid that I bought off ebay a couple of weeks ago. I already own the rest in the series but had a hard time finding a copy of this volume that wasn't bright red or yellow. The series was originally published in 1914 and now I have all 4 books. Woohoo!

The books are also on Project Gutenberg but it's really not the same as holding one of those old books in your hand.