Friday Night Knitting Club

Following yesterday knitty theme...a few weeks ago I listened to The Friday Night Knitting Club on audio (another library download). I've been interested in this one for awhile because not only do I tend to like books about knitting  (although oddly enough, not a novel actually called Knitting) but I had also heard that a movie was being planned with Julia Roberts. While books adapted to movies often make for bad movies the books themselves are usually at least amusing (the key word there being "usually"). So when I saw this as one the options for download I grabbed it.

The novel follows the story of Georgia Walker, the owner of Walker and Daughter, a New York City knitting boutique. Not only does she own the shop and knit very well herself but she also designs fabulous knitting creations when she gets a chance. Oh, and she's also a single mom to a biracial daughter.

Knitters started congregating in her store on Friday nights through the usual means - an accidental coincidence. And then it became tradition. And of course they are a group of women who would never be friends if not for the store. There's the brash New Yorker, the quite small town girl, the academic who doesn't actually knit and things it's menial woman's work (she's there to get information for her thesis, natch) and so on and so forth.

And, of course, Georgia has to deal with things from her past coming to haunt her - both the high school best friend that turned on her and her daughter's father.

It's predictable but sweet. And the movie? Don't worry. It will be a totally sappy chick flick.