Chicks with Sticks

Back in March 2006 I read Chicks With Sticks: It's a Purl Thing and really enjoyed it. It was fluffy, fun YA. Knitting teens! Pretty yarn! Angst! Friendships!

It was fun. And so I recent picked up Chicks with Sticks: Knit Two Together and Chicks with Sticks: Knitwise.

Chicks with Sticks: Knit Two Together

A year later and the Chicks are still knitting and are still friends. But it seems that everyone is pairing off and getting boyfriends. Even Tay! And Tay's boyfriend knits! But Scottie, our poor angst-ridden vaguely annoying in I'd-like-to-poke-her-with-her-knitting-needles kind of way doesn't have a boyfriend. And she's decided that she absolutely needs to get one.

I kinda really hate books that are all about girls NEEDING to get a boyfriend. At least this one showed that while boys are great they come with their own set of problems and no one's relationship is perfect. And of course this book has some more friendship angst. But it's still a lot of fun and like the first one contains some knitting patterns at the end (which thanks to Crazy Aunt Purl I keep calling "knitting recipes"). And there's blogging! Gotta like a YA book that talks about knitting blogs!

Chicks with Sticks: Knitwise

It's the Chicks last year of high school. Well except for Tay. Somehow I missed picking up on her being a year younger through the other books. I can do that occasionally.

And what's Scottie got to angst about this year? Well, it's the LAST YEAR. And they'll be doing things for the LAST TIME. And she has to decide what she wants to do for her whole FUTURE. I'll admit, being forced to feel like you have to choose your whole future by choosing a college actually is angst worthy. However I made the mistake of rereading the first book in the series and then reading the next two books for the first time all in the same weekend and I was a bit done with Scotties angst. I think with enough time between books it would be less annoying.

Usual Chicks stuff. Usual Chicks trouble. Usual knitting recipes at the back although I think a bit more advanced this time around.

Even though Scottie can get to be a bit much and you may end up wanting to tell her to shove a (knitted) sock in it these books are fun. Dreamy Bella and tough girl Tay tie for my favourite character.