2008 - the year of trying harder

I've been thinking a lot about resolutions the last couple of days thanks to Denise's post over at BlogHer. I've made resolutions in the past but like many people, I never keep them and to be honest, I promptly forget about them. I don't make "real" resolutions or set goals because it's scary.

Yep, it's that simple. I don't do it because it's scary. Because, you know, I do a fairly decent job of flying by on the seat of my pants. No goals means nothing to lose, nothing to fail at. But it also means that I don't really succeed at much - other than flying by on the seat of my pants.

But as I've said I've been thinking a lot about it. And I think it was on my mind when I was very loosely talking about knitting the other day.

But all this thinking let to a conclusion that can be basically summed up in two words - try harder.

I want to plan out blog posts for BlogHer? Try harder. Make a list of ideas. Pull up the calendar.

I want to keep my work email under control? Try harder. Set up rules for where emails should go. File things in their categories faster.

I want to work on my debt situation? Try harder. Make a plan.

I want to save more money? Try harder. Don't touch my savings.  Track my spending.

I want to stick to a budget? Try harder. And, you know, actually creating a real budget of what I WANT to spend instead of just tracking what I DO spend might be an idea to consider.

I want the apartment to be cleaner? Try harder. Create that chore list in my 101 things list.

I want to exercise more? Try harder. Pull out that yoga mat.

I want to keep up with the laundry? Try harder.  Sort laundry and actually do it instead of just thinking about it.

I want to read more of the books on my shelves? Try harder. Maybe stop buying so many books.

I want to stop buying so many books? Try harder. Join the library. It's cheaper to pay metro fare a few times a month than buy a book.

I want to get more things done on my 101 things list? Try harder. Print the sucker out and post it some place.

I want to actually have furniture in my apartment? Try harder. Figure out a savings plan. Create a budget just for that.

I want to have time to do things like study french, or figure out my finances? Try harder. Schedule an appointment with myself. Make a date with myself to go sit in a library or cafe.

It's not rocket science that's for sure. But it's shockingly difficult. But it's time to really start trying. To take a chance and plan things even though they might not work out. To risk disappointing myself. To risk impressing myself.

The motto for 2008 is officially Try Harder. When things aren't going my way I'm going to stop and ask myself what I'm doing about it. Am I doing everything I can? Or am I letting things go in paths that I don't want? Do I just maybe need to try harder? Will I succeed at everything I try harder to do? No, of course not. But even when I don't I'll learn something along the way.