I actually read this months ago but realized as I was tallying my books for the year that I hadn't blogged about it. Tsk tsk. I've been such a negligent blogger this year. :(

Betrayed is the second book in the House of Night series by PC Cast and Kristin Cast. Kit-Cat discovered this series and has been kindly lending me her copies to read. After reading the first book I said: "I have a suspicion that I know where they are going with it (or possibly a third book?) and I. don’t. like. it. It better be one of those times where I’m really wrong." I was pretty much right about where they were going with the second book and I didn't love it. But I didn't hate it either. But there's not a lot I can say that won't be spoilerific since at this point I mostly remember the big plot points (oops).

Liked: there's some more tattoo action (I still wanna seeeeeeeeee them). I still really like most of the characters.

Disliked: the boy angst. Good grief it's annoying and she seems to keep adding guys to her collection. The overly long recap of everything that happened in the first book. I really, really hope they don't feel the need to recap both the first books in the third one because at that point it will take up half the book.

I really am not crazy about where the plot is going but I like Zoey - even with her stupid boy angst crap. I'll read the third book the series when it comes out (March 2008). But I'm worried because it will be the third book. And I'm scared of third books in series lately after a year of supreme suckage in the third book department. Will Chosen fall to the curse of the third book? It does have a FANTASTIC cover though...