Veil of Roses - I didn't think it would be chick-lit

I'll admit it, I mostly bought Veil of Roses for the cover. Isn't that some beautiful cover art? And look! It's a woman on a cover with a head! Shocking!

The story sounded interesting enough too though. Tamila goes to the US from Iran to visit her older and married sister and well, to find a husband so that she won't have to go back to Iran. It sounded interesting and less, well, chick-lity than it ended up being. Don't get me wrong, you know I like me some good chick-lit. But I do not like getting chick-lit when I'm expecting some more well...literaturey.

It had potential. It really did. But I felt like the main character was inauthentic. At times she seemed strong, really strong. And then other times she was silly naive idiot. And yes, I suppose there should be authenticity in that because who under those circumstances would be strong all the time? It just didn't work for me under in this book.

I really wanted to like Tamila and the book but I just couldn't. If I had to fill out a report for this book it would say that A Veil of Roses is not performing to its potential. And if given the choice I'd leave it sitting on the shelf at the bookstore.

It's still beautiful cover art though.