The funny thing about knitting...

You really only make progress on it when you actually DO it.  I said I was going to try to have my sock done today however I'd done jack all on it in the past two days.

But that's a lot like life isn't it? We want to get things done, we want things to change, but we don't put the work into it. And then when we do things happen, often quicky, and then we stand back and wonder how it happened.

When we want things to happen we have to make plans. And set goals. And make lists (ok, maybe you don't have to make lists...I have to make lists). And sometimes, ok a lot of times, that's scary. Because planning for something different may mean admitting that you aren't happy with what you have. And then saying that you deserve something better...something different...maybe even something more.

I really would like to finish my sock today. Unfortunately there are other things that need to be done as clean.