$#^*ing sock

A friend told me, upon hearing that I was planning to knit a pair of socks, that the first time I turned a heel I'd feel like a motherfucking genius. Mostly I just ended up saying fuck a lot while frogging the stupid thing. I think after half a dozen tries I might maybe have gotten it...not "right" but workable. I think. I hope.

My inner tech writer is blaming the instructions. Even though they are much better than the instructions in the other book I have. And yes, I did read TFM...I just may have gotten distracted by something shiny in the process and therefore may not have been paying attention....

Can I just say thank you the wonders that are youtube and knitty?I believe they may have saved me from having to haul out the emergency tequila. Somehow I think the consumption of tequila and knitting is a bad combination so thank you bunches.  Unless of course drinking tequila makes the instructions make sense. Or makes me not care. In which case, bring on the tequil!

If I end up having to frog the heel again the emergency tequila is coming out. And will be poured over the sock. And then matches will be found.