Seeing as I've now told my mother and flights are booked and hotels are in progress I feel confident posting this...

I'm going to be taking a blogging hiatus Jan 18 - Feb 2 (or 3) because...I AM GOING TO EUROPE.

There will be about 4 days in Paris, then 4 days in Rome, then 3 days in Venice and then another 3 days in Paris.

Despite the fact that I am travelling internationally the real big shock is that I'm not taking a laptop with me. I may take an hour or two along the way to check email and do a quick blog...but most information will get to you after the fact. I'll be documenting the trip in pen in paper in a journal. Shocking!

So if you've been to Paris, Rome or Venice and feel there's something I must see (aside from the obvious things like the Eiffel Tower and the Pantheon and such) leave a comment or drop me an email at thesassymonkey at gmail dot com. Particularly in search of must eats since most hotels are already books. (And don't even bother trying to tell me about Shakespeare &'s already on the list.)

Now that things are in the process of being planned I'm tentatively getting excited. Travelling stresses me out. But um, I'm trying not to stress out yet...too much....

A month from now I'll be in Paris!!!!