It's a running joke between Cat and I that she wants to be me because she bought the same shoes as me and then bought the same shirt as me (which, conveniently enough, goes with the shoes...too bad there's a bazillion feet of snow on the ground).

But the other day we went for lunch and she was wearing a snowflake necklace and I want a snowflake necklace. HMPH!

When I was living in Toronto there was a bead store near me that also housed some jewelry. They had a very pretty snowflake necklace but I never got around to pricing it (after all, it was June) and then one day the store was just gone. And since then I haven't found any that I really like. However, Meg Cabot just wrote about snowflake necklaces too. (I'll grant her that the Harry Winston one *is* pretty...however if I had $30,000 I'd be paying off my student loans. Just saying.) The JC Penney one is pretty cute.

While I was at the bookstore today (I didn't buy anything, aren't you proud???) I found an art book on snowflakes.  I flipped through it for a bit, it's pretty neat.

Snowflakes are purty...just not when they are piled 3 feet deep.