My first day of vacation

Or "Why I should not be allowed to vacation at home"

Or "Why I should never be allowed to get bored"

Or "Why me + organization = a big mess"

Take your pick

It all started innocently enough. After ordering some books and talking to a friend on the phone I decided it was time to do that dreaded yearly activity. The one where I go around my apartment and catalogue all the books I own but have not read. Scarrrrrrryyyyyyyy. (And causes me to speak in the third person for some inexplicable reason...).
Aside from the sheer number of unread books it really goes quite well. At least when you do the first bookcase. Then you start the second bookcase and decide you really don't like how things are organized it. You ignore the devil on your shoulder telling you that you need to reorganize.

Then you wander around the apartment and find books that aren't the bookshelves but need a home.

The devil on your shoulder gets bigger. The devil on your shoulder dominates you and makes you his bitch. Resistance is futile.

You start to move some books. Then you decide you want some books from the other bookshelf on this bookshelf. So you go get them. And then you go back for more. And then you move some back. And then you decide that life would be easier if both bookshelves were in the same room.

This is the point where you should have walked away. But noooooooooo not you. You are caught up on sleep and decide this is a great idea.

So you dump your books out on the floor. Then you move your bookshelf into your bedroom.

And then your start to fill it. And it's going pretty well. Things look good. You are moving things from one bookshelf to the other, making maximum use of space.

You ignore the fact that fitting all your books on on the two bookshelves you own is a physical impossibility.

You decide to repurpose an end table as a microwave/cookbook stand. This works! Everything fits! You are ecstatic. You are currently ignoring the fact that the stand really needs to be painted (but don't worry...this is only day 1 of vacation...). This success yields a whole extra shelf on your bookcase that was previously home to cookboks.

You ignore the fact that this means you now have no place to store the items were previously stored in your brand new microwave stand.

On way back to bedroom, where both bookcases are, you make the mistake of going into the living room and sitting on the couch for a moment.

Realize living room looks completely bare. As you spend pretty much of your waking hours either in living room or in view of the living decide you cannot live with bare living room.

Go into bedroom. Look at bookshelves. Gear yourself up and decide they must be emptied and BOTH moved to living room. Unload books from shelves.

Move both bookshelves to living room.

Bedroom now looks bare. You need more damned furniture.

Decide you don't like how bookcases are situated in living room. Consider crying and thank the heavens you never ever wanted to be an interior decorator.

Decide you need reinforcements. Reinforcements in the form of malted barley and fried potatoes. And dip. Beer is on sale! Woohoo! Buy Cuivree because it's on sale and the highest percent. You need SERIOUS reinforcements.

Decide best thing you ever did was move back to a place where you can buy beer in the corner store - and a place where beer goes on sale during the holidays.

Get back, open beer, reposition bookshelves. Still not happy but it will do. It has to do because you don't know what else to do.

Sit down among the piles of books and empty bookshelves, open a beer and blog.

Vacation day 1.

EDIT: After all that I have a shelf that is half empty. How the hell did that happen?